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"The Founders Fight Night was my first big pitch event of this kind. It was a great opportunity to step out of my comfort zone and be challenged by my opponent, and the jury. I highly recommend it: Especially with little pitching experience, the learning effect is huge, but you should be ready to take some serious hits - your opponent is definitely prepared."

- Philipp Pommer -

#FIGHT NIGHT – Pitch Please!!


"Just before the event, I was very excited. I researched about my opponent and his product and focused on the most important aspects, but also prepared some funny puns. I had to practice a few times and make sure my mind and mouth were ready to "punch".

#BATTLE – What was the toughest Punch?!

"The toughest punch I received was the argument that Streichfix, a startup founded by the venture incubator REHAU New Ventures, doesn't have the same entrepreneurial spirit as a real startup. I strongly disagree with that, because it's more of an advantage: Streichfix was built from the ground up, combining an entrepreneurial-minded team with the opportunities and financial security of a parent company. We just do it!"


"Since the Founders Fight Night was an evening event following the digitalBAU trade fair in Cologne, I was able to deepen the connections I had made at the booth and also made new ones in wonderful conversations. I also had some very nice and interesting talks with my opponent Daniel Grube from directly after the fight and late in the evening."


"Hi, I'm Philipp, and I'm part of a brilliant startup in the construction industry that is growing fast and transforming the way painting craftsmen connect with and manage customers. Personally, I envision Streicfix continuing to grow and digitizing other trades alongside the painting trade in the long-term. It's exciting to be part of it!"


"We are looking for strategic corporate partners and have several open positions at any time due to our rapid growth. We are also looking for interested craftsmen who want to digitize their business and help us test our product in an expanded pilot program so that we can further improve it and make it even easier for craftsmen to manage their customers."


"Don't be fearful of the challenge. If you are unsure or afraid to jump, remember that this is exactly the right moment!"







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