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The Fight Night – a great idea for a pitch event. Close to real life because (let's be honest) that's how business works: it's a permanent fight, and you have to love it to be successful! Even the virtual Fight Night has lost none of its charm.

- Tristan Niewöhner -

#FIGHT NIGHT – Pitch Please!!


As it was the first virtual Fight Night we were very curious to see how this concept would work (note: it was a great – virtual – experience!). Since we knew in advance who our opponent would be, we prepared ourselves with Google, Xing and Linkedin. You know: If you know your opponent, that's half the battle."

#BATTLE – What was the toughest Punch?!

The toughest punch … maybe the standard argument people often start with when hearing of our business idea „Google ads? But I can run Google ads myself?!“ Of course everybody can create and place Google ads, somehow. But nobody can do it as well as we can. Would you criticize the business idea of a restaurant just because you can cook yourself? I think we could quickly invalidate that argument!


As this was a virtual fight, we could only shake hands virtually! But Philipp Seegers and I are now connected on Xing and we will stay in contact. That is one of the nice thing about this event: networking!


"Recruiting has changed so much during the last 10 years, but many companies have not yet realized that the old methods do not work anymore. Job advertisements in daily newspapers involve so much wastage, and online job exchanges are often poorly organized and have a bad keywording so that the companies' ads can't be found by job-seeking people.

As a Google ad, however, you can address your job ad exactly in a way that it will be shown only to the matching job-seeking people. Knowing that approx. 75% of all job-seeking people start their job search on Google, and knowing that there are more than 70 million search queries on the topic „jobs“ on Google every month (in Germany), it will be clear that Google is the perfect place for finding your target group.

Now to the innovative part: With our intelligent and self-learning algorithm, all companies can place their job ad on Google in such a perfect way that it will be shown on the first Google search engine on the very top. Of course, the ad will be only shown to people who are looking for exactly this job. For each ad we use between 500 and 900 keywords. This quality cannot be created manually. With persomatch, companies can place their job advertisement on Google within minutes."


"We started in 2017 and grow every year in all areas: customers, turnover, employees. There are still so many companies that do not realize the enormous potential of Google as the „place to be“ (incl. Google for Jobs) for their job ads, so we almost have a missionary task."

#LAST CALL – Final Message

"Describe your idea in one sentence – We post job ads on Google!"


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