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“The Fight Night is the most honest, hardest and by far the coolest pitch event in Germany! Gloves up and get in the ring!”

- Georg Reifferscheid -

#FIGHT NIGHT – Pitch Please!!


“We already knew the event as a spectator and decided to apply for this honest and hands-on format. In addition to preparing your own pitch, preparing the attack as well as our defense was just as important!”

#BATTLE – What was the toughest Punch?!

"'AI is not real' ;-)"


“A great feeling! Despite the defeat against the eventual winner, the feedback from the spectators and the jury were positive. Afterwards, we were able to pursue two concrete leads and are in close contact with each other.“


"Startup Land outruns the flow of the industry and connects AI and human emotion! mindfulmachines A.I. is an interdisciplinary startup team by Klaus Lassert which connects experts from psychology, software / UX and business development. With Soulbot they have created an artificial emotional intelligence that communicates emotions, empathy and the ability to communicate with people situationally and psychologically. It adapts its word choice, emotional coloring, tempo and timing of arguments according to the personality and emotional situation of the user. In the digital age in which human-machine interaction is more and more integrated into our daily lives, they want to give people the chance of natural communication with voice-first devices. Their core competence is the development of an empathic psychological communication structure which can build on more than 15 years of successful training and coaching work in communication and negotiation. Get your dream man now! ;)"

#LAST CALL – Final Message

"We are always happy to exchange collaborative ideas and joint development of any thoughts ... lets get connected!"


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