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Super Tough Pitch Battles – with jabs and right hook questions from your opponent and the jury. It was great to be in the ring and to fight for glory. I love the event.

- Tristan Niewöhner -

#FIGHT NIGHT – Pitch Please!!


Pull Ups, Push Ups and Start Ups screening with a great crew ;) The concept of the ring fits to the start-up context as you enter the ring with every pitch you give. You never know who your opponent is and how the attack will look like. I was excited to be in the ring!"

#BATTLE – What was the toughest Punch?!

The right hook that almost got me was the comment that we are just another matching platform. When people get deeper into it, they realise that they where driven by prejudice. But I was also kind of waiting for it, why I was prepared for a counter.


Cool audience reach after the final. At our table we could give the audience more insights how we enable teams to develope themselves with our software. Plus we got enough time to explain in detail how we solve the vicious circle of HR.

PS: Thank you Sven (jury) for getting in our concept right away.


"We provide you a software to get out of the vicious circle in HR, through the application of our HR-Triad of human personality development, continuous team development and personality-based recruiting. This is how we support you and your teams to solve inter-relationship issues to improve your happiness and productivity. Hence, you can match suitable applicants into teams based on each team member's personality, values, team roles, communication structure and workflow at"


"We are looking for customers who love innovation and like to be ahead of time in team development and recruiting as we do this personality-wise. Get in contact with us or go straight to and start your Team-Reflection today. Do something good for your people."

#LAST CALL – Final Message

"Stop talking about New Work and start building the work environment you want to work in by fostering healthy relationships between employees in your organisation. We can do this!"



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