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„The place, the mood, the sweat - and the blows you have to spread and take. Nowhere is fighting so open and hard.“

- Christian Ehl -

#FIGHT NIGHT – Pitch Please!!


„I liked the concept from the beginning. As a start-up, you always enter the ring, present yourself, convince the audience, fight against many oppositions and adversaries. Doing that in a real boxing ring comes very close to reality. I think that's sporty, so I particularly like this format.“

#BATTLE – What was the toughest Punch?!

„We came to the final. There was no competition there and the other start-up won against us on the basis of the points of the jury. Here a final fight would have been even more beautiful, I would have dealt many hard punches and liked to score points emotionally.“


„We will win! The topic of better care for older people is so important for our society, I could not imagine that there is anything more important.“


"Haven connects family and close friends for better support and care of the elderly family members. It organizes everyday life and communication, the important dates and events and tasks in the care. If the family is not available at times, the second step can involve external helpers (ie. nursing services, food services, mobility services, etc.) via Haven. The support and care of the elderly is primarily the responsibility of the close family members. Often it is the daughter who masters the daily tasks and orchestrates the care services for support. We bring more family members together and activate them, creating a safe haven in which care can be actively managed and implemented together, including the involvement of older family members. This creates better quality and care, a closer connection of the elderly to the family. No other service or company relies so consistently on the largest worldwide care community - the family. Let's take care together."


"In 5 years Haven is to be the world's largest community for caring for and supporting the elderly."

#LAST CALL – Final Message

"In the technologized world with more and more information and time, it is important to focus on being human. For me that means taking care of other people actively. Above all, our seniors deserve a good care and some quality time. Haven is a safe place to organize it. We are currently in beta, from the spring I call all actively to participate in this."

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