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"Harshness is honesty that does not allow phrases in pitches. The Fight Night is the pitch without make up, you can quickly see which startup has potential!“

- Mirco Grübel -

#FIGHT NIGHT – Pitch Please!!


"Something exciting, because of the unfamiliar format. But in the end, the mood exceeded our expectations!“

#BATTLE – What was the toughest Punch?!

"We could parry everything, but there is still room for improvement! Seriously, this kind of harshness was unfamiliar for pitches. Active combat is something you do not know from normal events, and that ended up as one of the most exciting elements that could make your pitch even more on point.“


"'Where is the next Fight Night taking place?!' ;-D“


"Customers can order craft work at a fixed price, including material and craftsmen. Craftsmen are taking on "annoying", non-value-added works such as bid and billing. Usual craft portals are exclusively mediating. Myster is a first-mover omnichannel craftsman, including his own digital and physical showroom concept, which is already running in Dortmund and Hamburg. It already has a first complete Customer Journey in the craft on all channels (omnichannel) and is able to work online and offline, identifying goods online and experiencing these goods plus getting advice offline from the Myster Box. Myster has its own call center which enables a direct personal telephone support service for the customers. A little extra would also be the VR showroom with gamification elements and the VR design spaces plus the web design rooms as part of the new presence in cooperation with the specialist Esign in Hannover. Since October 2017, the first Myster Box has been operating in Dortmund (100 sqm). In June 2018, the Myster Box Hamburg opened in the Harbor City (135 sqm)."


"In 5 years the future of Myster will be bright and shining as THE brand when it comes to renovation and design, Europe-wide."

#LAST CALL – Final Message

"Meet the Game Changer in Craft - Myster. Renovation begins with a relaxed design and ends with the craftsmanship that is part of the offer."


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