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„The Fight Night is the coolest startup event in the universe! It really makes pitching your startup idea fun and makes you laugh about yourself, and improve yourself.“

-Bastian July-

#FIGHT NIGHT – Pitch Please!!


„We from GoodIP thought of the Fight Night as an interesting event where startups take part in a sort of poetry slam against each other, just without the poetry. We took a relaxed approach because we jumped in at the last minute. We wanted to look at the other startups, see how others pitch and gain some experience.“

#BATTLE – What was the toughest Punch?!

„The hardest punch were the Trump-alike comments of the opponent Ronald Dump Beer against us from GoodIP.“


„We from GoodIP were very happy that we were allowed to take part in the fight as we gained so much experience, met so many new interesting startups and people and saw for ourselves how startups built each other's arguments. Due to the event we had only more desire to participate in such events and to show ourselves.“


"The core idea of ​​GoodIP is to connect a marketplace for innovative technologies with a community of people interested in technology, who can then comment on and evaluate new technologies, ideas and innovations and help them achieve market success. Startups, inventors and companies get feedback from the technology-interested community about their invention and input, how to improve it and in which field you can apply the invention. GoodIP is special because there is no other company that is similar to GoodIP. Linking a marketplace for the latest technology with a network of tech enthusiasts has a first-mover advantage, and can set foot in the startup world as well as in the vast world of the Internet. We are creating a virtual, public meeting place for a special group, a huge forum, if you will."


"Over the next 5 years the future of GoodIP should develop to be a community of 5,000 users who have the opportunity to evaluate and succeed in new technologies on a daily basis."

#LAST CALL – Final Message

"GoodIP is the Social Network for Inspirers, Innovators and World-Changers. With us you can make the newest technological trends happen. Join our community and start building your profile!"


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