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The Fight Night was a great opportunity to challenge your startup by your opponent, the jury and the crowd. We would recommend: Only go there if you are well prepared and ready to give (and take) some intensive punches.

- Jean Michel Diaz -

#FIGHT NIGHT – Pitch Please!!


Before the fight, we already identified strength & weaknesses of both Echometer (us) and youdo (our opponent). Obviously, we came to win. And won."

#BATTLE – What was the toughest Punch?!

There were many tough punches. But based on the crowd's reaction the toughest punch was my punch about youdo's lousy number of downloads of between 10 - 50. Thanks to the good preparation.


After the fight I did the handshake with my opponent Patrick. We talked a bit about the challenges we currently face with our startups. It was great to get to know each other's perspective on the HR market. After all, we are all in the same boat.


"Echometer is all about leveraging the employee's full potential through agile feedback and continuous, employee-driven improvements. We are offering an online software-tool that helps teams to facilitate their agile retrospectives in which prior performance & teamwork is analysed. At the same time, we measure the progress of the teams in the retrospectives, offering a monitoring instrument for HR and Management."


"We are currently piloting our solution with some prestigious partners. If we successfully complete our pilots by end of the year, win some more clients in the next years, I definitely see us as the second startup unicorn from Münster (after "Flaschenpost") and probably also as one of the fastest growing startups in Germany."

#LAST CALL – Final Message

"Work smarter, not harder. If you or your team need help with in this area, check us out - we will be happy to help & share experiences about transforming teamwork!"


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