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Updated: Jul 5, 2019

"At the Fight Night you get the opportunity to receive raw feedback from a panel of experienced judges as well as first-hand access on the market’s interest."

-Naj Pemberton-

#FIGHT NIGHT – Pitch Please!!

"Prior to the event, I imagined Fight Night as the way it was promoted. Besides watching a trailer of last year’s event, the rules and the weigh-in event painted a vivid picture of what to expect."

#BATTLE – What was the toughest Punch?!

"The hardest punch given to me was regarding my business model. The motorsport industry is a niche market, so it was challenging to convey to the judges how it would be scalable based on B2C and B2B executions."

"After the event, it fuelled me even more to approach my executions from a different perspective. Like-minded individuals filled in one room — judges, entrepreneurs, investors and of course, the market — created a space of collaboration and empowerment."


"Startup Land has a nice surprise for the cool kids in town: MOTOSCHEMES! It's an online vinyl decal shop that helps customers create the dream style for their motorcycle with DIY alternatives, kind of like a Moto Fashion shop. In a fashion sense, a color scheme influences the look-and-feel of a wardrobe. The Motoschemes team applies that same mindset to motorcycles in which the design must align with the shape of the motorcycle. The designs are simply a scheme, a variation of how you can sexify your bike. Why are we successful? The traditional ways of customizing your bike are done with either custom paint or vinyl wrapping. Both options are very expensive, plus they require a professional installation and should you want to attempt it yourself, you’ll need to invest in professional tools. With vinyl decal kits, you can get a professional looking design for your bike, installed with having little to no-experience and you can perform the job with household tools. Check out Instagram for the hot designs that already came into creation @moto.schemes!"

"In five years, Motoschemes will be the go-to shop for easy-to-install custom designs. Also, customers will be able to design their motorcycles online in real-time."

#LAST CALL – Final Message

"Driven by passion and creativity to inspire motorsport enthusiasts to let their individuality shine in every ride."

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