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„Being an entrepreneur requires courage and boldness. Being in the ring is the perfect metaphor for the daily lives of those who want to build a revolutionary business.“

-Marcelo Bohrer-

#FIGHT NIGHT – Pitch Please!!


„The event was somehow how I imagined but more fun. I had the expectation to gain more insights for my startup as a result of the sharp questions made by my opponent and the jury. However, their questions were quite plain and revealed nothing really new.“

#BATTLE – What was the toughest Punch?!

„When one of the jurors said that he had read the book 'Sapiens' and couldn't understand the relation with the core idea of the project. It was a sign that they did not grasp the value of the core idea.“


„I got surprised by so many people voting for my opponent who had a really silly and boring business model. I left feeling happy to have had the chance to participate in the event.“


"Startup Land surrounds mostly around a single topic: Money, Money, Money. Money of Good is a socioeconomic platform that offers an unprecedented reward system based on neuroscience and holochain where people can earn money by practicing meditation, boosting the rising of consciousness and a much more equitable and sustainable economic model. MOG gamifies the distribution of money through the proof-of-meditation reward mechanism that disrupts the economy by breaking apart the paradigm: job = income. Plus, because earning money has a huge appeal and the system is so accessible, it will scale very fast creating a global network effect."


"In 5 years the future of Money of Good is to be seen as the most effective and reliable solution to run a decentralized global UBI system that will solve wealth inequality and the constant need for economic growth that harms the planet. In addition, the reward system will encourage people to practice meditation daily rising awareness and improving global health."

#LAST CALL – Final Message

"I have yet to find out how to engage investors when the business model does not fit the standards of the common profitable investment."


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