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„In fitness training, it's ultimately as in boxing: a good tactic usually wins. Visit us at the next Fight Night in Cologne where we will defend our title!“

-Florian Petri-

#FIGHT NIGHT – Pitch Please!!


„It was the first time for us and so I had little idea what to expect. But I definitely had hopes that the Fight Night would have a clear competitive character (unlike other pitch events). And besides the actual pitching, I was hoping for a lot of fun - and was not disappointed in both regards.“

#BATTLE – What was the toughest Punch?!

„Probably the standard argument that we always hear: A fitness app again? What do you do differently? But our cover is pretty good, and as soon as we explain that we are really doing something fundamentally different and we have a really strong USP, we keep going back and forth with a strong, right-hand straight.“


„It was a mixture of euphoria and relaxation. We are really happy about the victory and finally, it's always a great feeling when the tension before the pitch turns into relaxation and contentment.“


"Even though everybody in Startup Land works as hardcore as possible to achieve their goals and aspirations, we are still human (sometimes). Hence our core is build around two things that enable us to be the working animals that we are: health and physical fitness. And who takes care of that for us?! KERNWERK does. They personally tailor a fitness training via app. The special thing is that it's not just a database of workouts but an actual personally tailored training with exercises fit exactly to your strengths and weaknesses. Those can be done solely with one's own body weight or equipment - so the workout place becomes flexible whether it's at home, in the park or in the studio. The client simply communicates their training goal and Kernwerk creates the perfect workout in real time. There are plenty of other fitness apps, you might argue. How are they different?! Simple: While other apps work with a variety of workouts and different variations of those, Kernwerk has found a more reasonable way to stay healthy - an algorithm that breaks down the basic workout planned for "today" into individual parts that are being rearranged, so that the right exercise variant can be found for each client, including the optimal number of repetitions and the perfect weight (if it is an exercise with weights)."


"In the next 5 years Kernwerk sees their future as the market leader in fitness apps throughout Germany, internationally in the Top 10."

#LAST CALL – Final Message

"Every fitness enthusiast is invited to take a look at KERNWERK and convince themselves in order to see why we are so convinced of it. We can't wait to meet you!"


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