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"Without a lot of bells and whistles your idea and your business model are dissected: If you have fun and trust yourself and your startup, nothing can happen to you and you will simply have a great evening, establish amazing contacts and drink a Kölsch on the side. Or two..."

-Laura Kirst-

#FIGHT NIGHT – Pitch Please!!


"We imagined the Founders Fight Night as a tough fight – a hard fight with a bit of Kölsch and a lot of fun! Frankly, our expectations were met in the ring as we were attacked on the issues we already expected: Are you really eco-friendly?! How should green electricity be smart?!"

#BATTLE – What was the toughest punch?!

"That Laura was estimated to be 22 years old – even though she's approaching 30! .. No, in all seriousness: The complexity of the model was hard to understand and we were caught struggling to clear it up."


"It was quite exciting and new to make my arguments fly in the boxing ring. In the ring it also became clear that our business model is quite complex and therefore difficult to explain in a minute. Next time we would just explain a niche of our doing since the more complex the model, the harder it is to understand in a short (and hence superficial) session."


"Talking about Synergy! Startup Land has switched on its light bulbs and discovered EINHUNDERTENERGIE. The innovative startup brings the energy turnaround into the city: It installs solar systems on the rooftops of the city and supplies cheap solar power to the tenants on site. If the sun does not shine, green electricity from hydropower is purchased. In addition, green electricity is made what it wants to be: smart! Customers can follow live in their own online portals what they actually consume and pay exactly that amount every month - finally digital service ... and that's just the beginning! Everything comes from a single source: Einhundertenergie takes care of everything from concept development for the holistic energy supply of multi-party houses via digital and individual billing to personal customer service. And as dusty and complex the energy market is, the more enthusiastic, Einhundertenergie goes into it and - together with its customers - drives forward the energy transition in town. Based on customer needs the platform, in which consumption and costs are visualized live, is constantly expanding. Here customers can really make a difference and help shape it!"


"In the next 5 years, Einhundertenergie sees German cities "solar-powered" with solar plants. Residential areas are equipped with e-charging stations and their entire power supply is green. And of course digital! Even more people enjoy the monthly billing of real consumption and the entire customer service - they enjoy the energy transition and climate protection! In addition, the last still standing piece of the Hambacher forest should slowly be able to breathe again!"

#LAST CALL – Final Message

"T-shirt weather in October & dried out Rhine: It's time to get active! Be a pioneer of the smart energy transition and actively shape it with us."


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