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Is your startup working on an innovative, cloud-based business model and poised for successful growth? Then it’s time to get your business moving right to the top: with our TechBoost startup program! It allows us to lighten your workload in a number of ways, with high-performance technology, for one. Along with this, you’ll profit from the advantages of a partnership with Deutsche Telekom, one that opens doors to Germany’s business clients – and therefore to sustained success. 

Find out now how you can benefit from TechBoost and submit an application for you and your startup to be included in our program!

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Telekom's amazing program will boost your startup! Meet Techboost!


Is your idea innovative, but revenues are not yet in sight? It’s time to change that! Use the advantages that TechBoost Seed gives you: 

  • €15,000 credit for one year for the Open Telekom Cloud!

  • Discounts on mobile phone contracts and broadband access!

  • Free access to the Telekom M2M portal and free test cards for the new NarrowBand IoT.

  • An option for marketing and sales support if your product shows the right potential!

How do startups save costs?

Cloud Services: Have you made us excited about your business idea? Then develop your business flexibly and securely on the Open Telekom Cloud (OTC) from the outset as a Telekom partner in the Deutsche Telekom TechBoost program. It will allow you to take advantage of the benefits of OpenStack and Germany’s strict data protection standards. As a selected startup company, you will also receive €15,000 credit for the first year. This credit is intended to free you up to focus on investing in your company.

Telecommunication: The startup promotion program provides you and your team with discounted mobile phone contracts and highly efficient broadband access for your office to help keep ongoing operating costs manageable.

Automated data exchange: If your startup develops M2M solutions, you’ll also benefit from discounted M2M products, free access to the Telekom M2M portal and free test cards for the new NarrowBand IoT, Telekom’s high-performance narrowband solution.

Techboost: a Founders Fight Night sponsor


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