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Engasserbogen 30
D-80639 München

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Registereintrag: HRB 222254
USt-ID: DE304488819

Event participation terms and conditions related to the event:

The Virtual Product Pitch Battle


The Startup Competition VIRTUAL PRODUCT PITCH FIGHT will be held on  07th October 2020, with a group of up to 12 finalist companies presenting their products to an expert jury as well as the team of MediaMarktSaturn.

The producer of this event format is the Founders Fight Club UG (hftb.), Engasserbogen 30, D-80639 München.


2- Who can register to take part in the VIRTUAL PRODUCT PITCH FIGHT?

The VIRTUAL PRODUCT PITCH FIGHT is designed for companies who meet the following criteria: Propose an innovative business, with an innovative consumer electronic product in the categories Health & Wellness, Smarthome, Urban Mobility, Air Condition, Solar or in other relevant categories.

The official languages for presentations, except for certain exceptions that will be notified well in advance, will be English.


3- Deadline and presentation process

Applications will begin on 12th August 2020 and will end on 8th September 2020, which will be the deadline. If any information and/or documentation need be submitted to supplement the project, the organization may grant registered companies an additional period of three (3) calendar days beyond the deadline to complete said information.


Companies interested in submitting their project must register via the form at and accept these terms and conditions when they register. Once they have done so, participants thereby accept these terms and conditions, declaring that they know and accept them, and agree to respect them.

If any documentation or information necessary for the registration process is missing, the organization will contact the participant to complete or correct registration within the established deadlines.


4- Selection Process

After documentation has been received, within a maximum of 10 calendar days counted from the date of the deadline to submit applications, the Jury will analyze the projects and select the 12 finalists proposed by THE FOUNDERS FIGHT CLUB.

The selected 12 projects will be appointed as finalists by THE FOUNDERS FIGHT CLUB, while the remaining applicants will remain, in order according to their score, as substitutes if any of the selected projects refuses to participate in the VIRTUAL PRODUCT PITCH FIGHT .

Selected projects will be notified via email and telephone of their right to participate in the VIRTUAL PRODUCT PITCH FIGHT as soon as the jury has made its decision. In said notification, the organization reserves the right to request additional information.

If any of the companies selected decides not to participate, to avoid harming the other projects that submitted their application, all selected participants agree to notify their decision not to participate at least ten (10) calendar days in advance of the date of the event, so that the organization may select their respective substitutes.

Selection for participation in the competition will not entail a cost and/or expense of any kind for the company, and the organization will not require remuneration, commission, or payment of any kind.

5 - The Competition

The competition will be held in form of a virtual event to which MediaMarktSaturn employees and FFC employees have exclusive access.


The goal of the competition is to select a new product to be listed in  one or more of MediaMarkt or Saturn’s online shop in Germany sales channels if appropriate criteria have been met, especially in relation to legal requirements to sell consumer electronic products in Germany/Europe.

The procedure of the pitch will be briefed and explained in detail to the participating startups prior to the event in form of email briefings and webinars.


6.- Prizes

The competition winner will have the opportunity to have their innovative product to be listed in one or more of MediaMarkt or Saturn’s online shopsales channels in Germany if appropriate criteria have been met, especially in relation to legal requirements to sell consumer electronic products in Germany/Europe.

Mere participation in the event will not grant a prize.


7- Intellectual Property

All participants in the VIRTUAL PRODUCT PITCH FIGHT declare they have sufficient dominion of the industrial property rights (logos, trade names, brands, etc.), content included in their proposals, and by accepting this Legal Notice they declare they do not infringe any intellectual property right, or any other right that any third party may hold, in Germany or abroad, over the project’s contents, releasing THE FOUNDERS FIGHT CLUB and the organizers, or any of the sponsors, of any responsibility regarding the use of said content.


In any event, participants take exclusive responsibility for the consequences of damages or actions derived from the use of the content included in their proposals, as well as from its reproduction or distribution.


Furthermore, the participants indemnify FOUNDERS FIGHT CLUB and the companies of the MediaMarktSaturn Retail Group from all claims of third parties arising from and in connection with the infringement of rights of third parties by the products of the participant.

The intellectual and/or industrial property of the initiatives and business ideas presented at THE FOUNDERS FIGHT CLUB will remain, whenever appropriate, the exclusive property of the participants who submitted them.


8- Confidentiality

THE FOUNDERS FIGHT CLUB guarantees confidentiality regarding the ideas and/or projects presented by participants; the organizers may only distribute, at any time and by any medium, their general features and those of the participants, and–especially–of the winners.


9- Advertising

By accepting these terms & conditions, participants of the VIRTUAL PRODUCT PITCH FIGHT and especially the winners, expressly authorize THE FOUNDERS FIGHT CLUB, on its own accord or through third parties, without territorial limits or deadlines, to portray, reproduce, diffuse and use by any written, spoken and signed means, in any way, in any medium and in any format, their name, image and voice, and the general features and the name of the ideas or projects presented, respecting at all times the conditions set out in the Intellectual Property and Confidentiality sections of this document, and under the understanding that it is done for advertising, informative and/or promotional purposes related to the VIRTUAL PRODUCT PITCH FIGHT or THE FOUNDERS FIGHT CLUB, and that participants will have no right to payment in return.



12- Privacy Policy

THE FOUNDERS FIGHT CLUB informs participants of the VIRTUAL PRODUCT PITCH FIGHT  that it respects current regulation regarding personal data protection, in compliance with Organic Law 15/1999, of 13 December on Personal Data Protection, as well as Royal Decree 1720/2007, of 21 December, approving its Regulation.


THE FOUNDERS FIGHT CLUB declares that the data gathered via any of the data collection forms in the event related websites, will be included in an automated personal data file for which THE FOUNDERS FIGHT CLUB is responsible. Users may exercise, at any time, their right to access, modify, cancel and oppose to the treatment of their personal data, by sending an email notification ( or writing to the postal address: FOUNDERS FIGHT CLUB UG (hftb.) - Engasserbogen 30 - D-80639 München

In such notifications, they must include the participant’s first and last names—attaching a photocopy of valid ID—, their email address and, whenever appropriate, the name of the company they represent and for which they completed the different web forms.

Regarding the use of data included in the file, THE FOUNDERS FIGHT CLUB agrees to respect confidentiality and to use such data in accordance with the purpose of the file, which is to manage contact data for participants in THE FOUNDERS FIGHT CLUB and any other purposes established at the time of collecting the data, and to comply with its obligation to store such data and adopt all the necessary measures to prevent its alteration, loss, unauthorized treatment or access, in accordance with the conditions set out in the Safety Measures Document for automated personal data files, approved by Royal Decree 994/1999, of 11 June.

The participant gives his/her consent and expressly authorizes THE FOUNDERS FIGHT CLUB to transfer his/her data to the parties that promote, organize and sponsor THE FOUNDERS FIGHT CLUB. The data thus transferred to said parties will be included in the personal data files, and such companies will thereby be responsible for the files. Participants may contact them to exercise the rights granted by these regulations.


13- Changes

THE FOUNDERS FIGHT CLUB reserves the right to change these conditions at any time, including the prize and/or its possible cancellation before the scheduled date. THE FOUNDERS FIGHT CLUB will publish such changes through its website (


14-Legislation and Jurisdiction

These conditions are regulated by German Law, and participants and organizers submit to the Courts and Tribunals of the city of Munich, expressly waiving their rights to any other jurisdiction, for the resolution of any dispute that may arise between them.

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